Message from College & Guidance Counselor

Off to Another Great Start

Welcome to a new school year! TAS continues to evolve to best meet the needs of students. The Counseling Department supports and works with students, parents, and educators to achieve balance between academic excellence and personal wellbeing.  This work includes emotional nurturance, the development of social responsibility, and educational encouragement.   We are committed to a celebration of each student’s unique human nature and the differences present in our student body.

October is a very exciting and busy month for all students.  Schoolwide, students are participating in the Global Bullying Prevention Month.   The goal is to encourage our students/parents and school community to work together to STOP bullying and cyberbullying by increasing awareness of the prevalence and impact of bullying on children of all ages.

Through guidance lessons, the elementary school students will learn about identification and expression of feelings kindly and appropriately.

In the middle/high school, students will raise awareness by 1) making new friends with someone they don’t know at school 2) STANDING UP for others and 3) creating Anti-Bullying posters.
Please join us in our efforts to raise awareness of bullying prevention.  Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect!


Seniors are busy finalizing their planning of college applications and/or setting up their career plans.   During the month of September, TAS held successful events such as Counselor’s Parent Night, and large student group seminars providing parents and students with essential information highlighting key components of the college requirements and application process.

Also in September, during the AEO and UnivAssist University & College Tours, students, parents, and guardians had an opportunity to hear directly from more than 40 U.S. college admissions directors about their programs, overseas admission process, financial aid, and scholarships and grants offered by each school.   Additionally, Grade 11 students were able to take the SAT Diagnostic Test in preparation for the formal test in January 2017.
Important Dates to Remember

  • October 3rd – Wear Blue Shirt Day – World Day of Bullying Prevention
  • October 19th –  Grades 10th and 11th will take the PSAT Exam
  • October 19th – Wear Orange Day – Unity Day –  Together Against Bullying
  • October 21st – Asia Expo Tour – more than 20 universities are attending from across the U.S.  We look forward to seeing you again!

More information about upcoming events can be found at our website and Facebook