Message from Middle-High Vice Principal

Greetings TAS families and friends,

Welcome to Week 8!  Quarter 1 has flown by at the TAS Middle and High School.  Teachers and students are diving into the curriculum and embracing a wide range of learning opportunities.

In an effort to strengthen school spirit and communication, the Middle and High School is meeting as a student body every Monday morning for a weekly ESLR assembly.  ESLRs, or Expected Schoolwide Learning Results, represent what TAS students should be able to do when they graduate.

Our ESLRs are:

  • Academics
    • Each TAS graduate is an effective communicator and critical thinker.
  • Aesthetics
    • Each TAS graduate will have been exposed to the arts in various forms.
  • Athletics/Wellness
    • Each TAS graduate understands that a healthy body supports a healthy mind.
  • Altruism
    • Each TAS graduate is a socially-responsive citizen.

At our first ESLR assembly Mr. Matt’s grade 7 Social Studies class demonstrated the Academic ESLR by performing an original skit, which explained Feudalism.  These brave students did a great job acting out this complicated subject in history on stage in front of their peers!

Ms. Betty’s high school Sculpture class took over our second ESLR assembly by showcasing their original sculptures.  The assembly was followed with an art opening in the library later in the week.  The art is still on display in the Middle High School Library.  Stop by and check it out!

For our Athletics/Wellness assembly, Mr. Rasul’s Hip Hop Dance class performed a high energy original dance.  The student body was blown away by the choreography and athleticism of these students!

Our most recent assembly demonstrated the Altruism ESLR.  Our remarkable students shared with their classmates how they are socially-responsive citizens.  Students who have worked with Walking Hope, Caravan, Wild Rhino and Habitat for Humanity spoke with their peers about how they have grown while giving back to their communities.

You are all invited to join us every Monday morning at 7:45am in the canteen for these special displays of student achievement.  I speak for the entire staff when I say, it is truly an honor to witness these kids in action on a weekly basis!  We hope to see you at an ESLR assembly this month!