TAS Pre-K Cleans Teeth on Dentist Office Field Trip


The American School (TAS) Pre-Kindergarten class had the exciting opportunity to visit the dentist on March 28, 2016. The young students got to meet the dentist and tour the whole building at Starlight Dental. They saw where the dentist takes X-rays of people’s teeth, where they clean all the dental instruments, and the examination room. The students also got to watch a mini movie about keeping their teeth clean. At the end of the field trip, Pre-K got to take home a goody bag with a new toothbrush, a book, and information on dental health and care for their parents. The TAS students favorite part of the trip was when the dentist performed a fake examination so that they could see all the different tools he uses and how he uses them. Now the students can’t stop talking about dental health and what foods are good for their teeth! Thank you to Ms. Emma and her TA for organizing an essential trip on keeping our teeth and bodies healthy.

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TAS Grade 4 Experiences a Day at the Movies

The American School (TAS) grade 4 students learned that a cinema is about more than just showing movies, it is about creating an experience on January 21, 2016.  From the bare-brick walls to the carefully planned lighting, the building itself is a testimony to how important it is to care for the aesthetics (one of our ESLRs) of our lives.  As part of the CGV cultural outreach program, the students learned how to appreciate the media industry by selling tickets and popcorn to the growing Vietnamese middle-class population, which is the target population of the cinema at this location.  This character development continued as they were encouraged to share the “combo,” which is a large popcorn and a soda, with their friends.  Grade 4 generally enjoyed the experience and eagerly inspected their new light-up CGV Cinemas Tet lamps that were given to them from the CGV team as gifts.  Interestingly, several of the students had not heard of Charlie Brown or of Snoopy, but while they had to leave before the movie ended, learned how courage is a virtue and that it really exists along with fear.  You cannot have or know courage without fear.  It was a timeless lesson for the students and the teachers were glad they could learn it at CGV Cinema at Thao Dien Pearl.

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TAS Grade 1 students went to BodyShape gym

body shape 

Last Friday, February 26, 2016, The American School (TAS) grade 1 students went to BodyShape gym in Thao Dien, District 2 to learn about the importance of fitness and exercise. They were able to learn about some of the equipment used at the gym, along with learning about strength training, endurance, agility, and martial arts. The students spent time completing an agility obstacle course, worked in partners with exercise balls to test their strength, and practiced martial arts training where they learned about kicks and punches. The students had a lot of fun, and after an hour they were exhausted! BodyShape offers kids classes in the evenings if any students are interested in adding some more exercise into their week!

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Grade 4 Visits a 3D Art Gallery


The American School (TAS) grade 4 visit a large 3D art gallery curated by Artinus on November 11, 2015. The field trip to the art gallery gave the students an understanding of perspective and different art styles. They learned about how people can manipulate their surroundings to achieve different affects on taken on camera. This is helpful not only in art, but also from the perspective of science and math, especially geometry. Grade 4 enjoyed their trip immensely and found it to be a good learning experience. Thank to our grade 4 teachers, Mr. Carey and Ms. Tara, for organizing such a fun learning trip!

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Kindergarten and Grade 1 Plays at Vivo City!


The American School’s (TAS) kindergarten and grade 1 took a trip to Vivo City in Phu My Hung, as part of an enhancement of their ESLRs and social studies curriculum. The students visited the Apple Kids Club, a specialized indoor play ground and learning center, for a day of learning through teamwork. Through play, they learned about team building and respect of others along with expanding learning by their senses. The students had the opportunity to solve educational puzzles and tasks independently and within groups enhancing their ability to work as part of a community or team. They had a lot of fun and are already talking about going back! Thank you to Ms. Emily and Ms. Andrea for organizing this playful and fun field trip.

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