Finding Art in Nature at The American School (TAS)


The American School (TAS) high school students have been studying line, color and value in their art classes with Mrs. Betty. To practice these art elements, the students were asked to find an area of plants on campus that they would like to observe and draw. They did preliminary sketches and then followed up with a final colored pencil drawing. It took a few revisions for the students to reach their final piece and they are very happy with their results!

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TAS Drama Students Performs “Trinity” for Elementary Students


On October 5, 2016, The American School (TAS) Advanced Performance Production class performed their original children’s theatre production of Trinity for the entire elementary campus. The show tells the tale of a young princess and a boy who must take on evil villains to rescue the missing princess.

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Textured Drawings in 6th Grade Art

The American School (TAS) sixth grade art class has been studying the elements of art with a focus on texture. Texture in a drawing reflects how something feels. The students searched and explored the campus for interesting textures. They found textures on almost everything; shiny, fuzzy, smooth, sharp, rough, and more.

For their final piece, the students picked an animal of their choice and practiced a drawing. Then, they drew their final picture of their animal filled with all the different textures that they were able to explore earlier.

Ms. Betty’s art class will be displaying their work in the hallways of B1.

MSHS Assembly: Taking a Stand Against Bullying Day

College and guidance counselor Ms. Jacqueline and student leaders organized an anti-bullying information assembly on October 3, 2016. This is part of a USA-led movement to help students stand up for each other and stop bullying. The American School (TAS) students wore blue today in support of their classmates and peers.

TAS First Graders Visits Thao Cam Vien Zoo

The American School (TAS) grade 1 class has been working hard in their classrooms learning about different environments and the animals that live in them. Grade 1 teachers Mr. Wallace and Mr. Ian decided it was the perfect opportunity for the students to see these creatures first-hand. We walked around the zoo observing animals such as spiky porcupines, massive snakes, long-necked giraffes, and white tigers. The students had a chance to feed the monkeys bananas and the goats stalk of grasses. When the class came back on campus, the excited students completed their “My Trip To The Zoo” booklet, which had them draw their favorite animal from the zoo, complete a checklist of all the animals that they saw or didn’t see, and write about their experience. It was a memorable trip filled with knowledge and excitement for our first graders!