The American School of Vietnam’s ECC Department continues to break new ground and explore new avenues of the Early Years teaching experience.

TAS ECC students start their day in the Multi-Purpose outside area. Located there are 8 to 10 different play/learning stations. Each station is catered to a specific set of standards in the GELDS (Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards) and they are all put up for review/removal every three weeks in order to keep the area fresh for continuing education/interest.

During the transition period between this and the MACT (Multi-Age Co-Teaching) time block the students are led in a song/exercise/dance. Getting your morning wiggles out is always a good thing! Once inside, each student is free to roam the bottom level of the school and participate in a number of learning activities. Each activity has been created around the GELDS and is designed to last the duration of the week.

As the week moves forward, so does the activity, changing and developing along with the student’s understanding of the material at hand. If you’re interested to know more, please contact our campus and we are happy to speak with you! Cheers!

– From Mr. Lafe Conger – ECC Department Head –


This morning, September 18, 2019,  TAS proudly welcomed parents to our first monthly “Coffee Conversation” in TAS canteen. This is another genuine effort from our school to connect with all parents, get them involved in their children’s education, and further strengthen the relationship between parents and TAS.

The conversation covered a lot of subjects, including:

  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
  • MAP Testing
  • How to support your child’s education
  • School Policies regarding attendance, grading system,…
  • Upcoming TAS College fairs

We hope that all parents attending the conversation were satisfied with the information they received from our academic administrators, guidance counselors and staff. Hopefully, this monthly “Coffee Conversation” will continue to be the force that helps enhance the communications between you and our school.


When it comes to celebrating festivals, our MSHS students really know how to bring their best. This afternoon’s MSHS Mid-Autumn Festival assembly, September 13, 2019, was a spectacular show full of wonderful performances. With the constant theme of exploring the origin and tradition of Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam, MSHS performers also added other cultural flairs to make this assembly a memorable one. Kudos to all students and teachers who were involved in making this celebration a success, and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all our MSHS students, parents and teachers.


ES & ECC Mid-Autumn Festival assembly this morning, September 13, 2019, was absolutely awesome. The whole show revolved around the play “The Toad Who Brought the Rain”, based on a Vietnamese folklore. And in between, there were amazing musical performances from our cute little Mustangs, as part of how the story was told. Seeing our students and teachers getting involved in this wonderful play, writing the script, adding different performances, rehearsing day after day and finally showing to others how talented they are, was such a memorable experience. They really put us in the mood for Mid-Autumn Festival celebration!

TAS OPEN HOUSE 2019 – 2020

TAS Open House 2019 – 2020 took place yesterday afternoon, August 5, 2019, and it was a success! We gladly welcomed parents to our school as a way for them to get to know the classroom teachers, administrators, and fellow parents. In addition, parents learned what is expected of students in their academic classes and how they can support students at home.

The College Readiness Workshop with our College Counselor, Mr. Phillip Wenturine, was also a highlight of the event. What we loved most was to see many parents sign up for PTA and start getting more involved in the school community. This year’s Open House surely proved to be the start of a wonderful school year ahead.


Yesterday evening, August 28, 2019, TAS proudly welcomed respected parents of our students to the first Annual Parents Evening. This solemn event was organized to build a stronger bridge and improve the communication process between parents and the school. During the event, parents had the chance to listen to TAS CEO, academic administrators and guidance counselors sharing the vision for the future of TAS, including the plan to move to our new campus by January 2020.

As the new school year has begun, TAS has planned to implement many programs and strategies to constantly better the educational quality and learning environment in terms of curriculum standards, teaching methods, health and nutrition, and safety regulations. The event also gave parents the opportunity to register and be a part of our PTA. We hope that this first Annual Parents Evening helped parents get a clearer, more accurate picture about what TAS is striving to be in the near future, and hopefully more and more parents will get involved in TAS upcoming activities, especially since we are celebrating 10 years of TAS this school year.


Today, August 22, 2019, is the first day of school here at TAS Early Childhood Center! We have begun an entirely new teaching style we call Community-based Learning (CBL) from arrival until 8:30 AM and throughout other class-specific times of the day. During these time periods the students all learn and play TOGETHER in order to grow their knowledge and social skills. Teachers, teaching assistants and students all form one big family of learners! The curriculum on our campus is built around the GELDS (Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards) so each lesson and learning experience is constructed around one or more of the contained standards. The standards for the play/learning seen here are as follows:

PD1: The child will practice healthy and safe habits

PDM2: The child will participate in activities related to nutrition

PDM4: The child will use senses to explore the environment and process information

PDM5: The child will demonstrate gross motor skills

SED3: The child will demonstrate self-control

SED5: The child will develop relationships with peers

APL2: The child will demonstrate interest and curiosity

APL5: The child will demonstrate a cooperative and flexible approach to play

CDMA1: The child will organize, represent and build knowledge of quantity and number

CD-MA6: The child will explore, recognize and describe shapes and shape concepts


Today, August 22, 2019, marks the first day of the new school year 2019 – 2020, and we are so happy to welcome back our ES and MSHS students. For those new ones joining TAS big family this year, we would like to give you a warm welcome. TAS Back To School day must have been both an exciting and memorable event for all TAS students. How can we describe the feeling of joy when they meet their old friends again after a long summer vacation, or the hope of making new friends and getting a new start in their study? So let these photos taken on Back To School day help you see how our students felt, and relive those beautiful moments of such an unforgettable day.



With great jubilation and pride, we happily announce the wonderful news of our Seniors, class of 2019, who were accepted into more than 50 universities and colleges across the US, Canada and Singapore, with nearly $3 million USD in scholarships. Congratulations to these bright faces; we are so proud of your incredible achievements. We wish you all the best in your university life and more wonderful success at the university of your choice.


ES/ECC Field Day this morning, June 14, 2019, was so much fun! Our little TAS Mustangs had the chance to test their strength and athleticism through various activities and challenges. From throwing water balloons, carrying pizza boxes, bag jumping, to collecting small colorful hoops in the swimming pool, our students did all.

Besides testing individual strength, most of the activities and challenges were also designed to test students’ ability to build strong teamwork, and we are glad to see many classes successfully did so. Now we hope you will carry the excitement from these activities to the summer break, and enjoy your summer, kids!