TAS Social Studies Class Visits the Vietnam History Museum

The American School (TAS) 6th grade Ancient History class has been learning about primary and secondary sources as part of their studies. As a culminating activity, the students visited the History Museum in Thao Cam Vien Zoo, District 1, Ho Chi Minh. The tour started with a map of the world and began in the prehistoric era to the more recent Vietnamese dynasties. The students saw many examples of primary sources including a 60-year-old woman mummy! They used this experience at the museum to write their own secondary sources for their classwork. The museum guide also covered the histories of the minorities in Vietnam before the current Kinh majority expanded.

Grade 9 Visits Places of Worship for World Religion Course


On March 24, 2016, The American School (TAS) grade 9 students visited different places of worship as part of their studies in World Religion with Ms. Amreen. The TAS students visited a mosque, temple, pagoda, and church, and were able to speak with representatives of those places. They learned about different types of faiths and practices in order to promote understanding and tolerances as young global citizens. It was a meaningful time for the high school students to learn about Islam, Hinduism, Christianity (Catholicism), Buddhism, and more, since they are able to use their knowledge on this field trip to expand their understanding on current events.

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TAS students try Mexican food in District 1

Khoi thom

More than 20 The American School (TAS) students had the opportunity to try Khoi Thom Mexican Restaurant in district 1 as part of their Spanish curriculum. TAS Students practiced how to order and talk about food, then learned about the many varieties of traditional Mexican foods. Khoi Thom was the perfect place to experience the spices and flavors of Mexican food. Before the meal was done, the students reviewed their orders with their Spanish teacher. Ms. Marielle asked them questions during lunch, how to describe the food while using the vocabulary learned in class. The students enjoyed the trip immensely and cannot wait for their next trip for further cultural exploration.

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TAS Middle School Students Learns Taxonomy at Thao Cam Vien Zoo

Thao Cam Vien zoo

On October 2, 2015, The American School (TAS) grade 7 students visited Thao Cam Vien Zoo and Botanical Gardens as part of their science class. The purpose of the field trip was to provide students an opportunity to learn about taxonomy from the experts at the city zoo. Students were able to apply the basics of taxonomy learned in class to create a taxonomic key that can help identify at least 10 different species that they visited on this trip. 

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Middle School Explores Vietnamese Culture at the Ao Dai Museum

Ao Dai

The American School’s (TAS) middle school visited the Ao Dai Museum on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, as part of the Vietnamese culture and language studies. The trip presented students with an opportunity to revisit history through the lens of fashion and clothing. TAS students were introduced to the formation and transformation of the Vietnamese traditional dress, the Ao Dai, through the ages. The dress collections included designs from 17th century to present day. In this interactive way, students were able to understand more about the history and culture of Vietnam. The class also had plenty of outdoors fun with palm tree bridge crossing, outdoors lunch, and playing traditional Vietnamese games on the lush, green lawn. The games taught them a little bit about how games were passed down from younger children to older children, and enhanced their teamwork and communication abilities with each other. Thank-you Ms. Trang for organizing this unique and meaninful field trip!

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