Yesterday afternoon, April 18, 2019, TAS Drama class gladly welcomed Dragonfly Theatre to their classroom to perform a play called “Every Brilliant Thing”, written by Duncan Macmillan and Jonny Donahoe. This amazing play centers around a man, from his childhood years growing up beside a mom with depression, to his adult life and how his mother’s mental condition affected him mentally. Throughout the years, he managed to compose a list of good things in life that he truly appreciated, as a way to combat the negativity stemming from his mother’s depression and the hardships in life.

Dealing with issues of mental health is never easy, but the actor, with the help from some of TAS teachers and students, really brought these issues to the forefront, with lots of heart and dedication. This play really made the audience laugh at some point, and cry at the next part of the story. Mental health issues are real, but they are not always highlighted or discussed openly in our society. This is why we are very grateful to have such a play performed to our students and teachers, as a wake-up call to have more conversations about this subject.

Suicide is contagious, and we can be easily affected by our peers’ mental states. However, to all the people who struggle at some point in their lives, suicide and suicidal thoughts are never the solutions to your problems. When you think things cannot be worse, it will get better, and there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.