Grade 4 students of TAS had a fantastic educational field trip to Ta Lai!

“Last Thursday and Friday, our 4th grade took part in their first overnight field trip with TAS. The group of 19 students and their teachers headed to Ta Lai Longhouse in Cat Tien National Park. The Ta Lai program works in cooperation with the World Wildlife Federation and the local Ma population to provide visitors with an interactive exploration of the environment around the Dong Nai river.

Students started off the trip on Thursday morning and arrived for a delicious lunch and a breakdown of the itinerary of the events and expectations for visitors. After lunch, the rain started to pour, but it cleared up enough for a quick trek into the nearby jungle to learn from a local Ma woman about the uses for plants in the forest. When the rain got harder, there was nothing to do but enjoy a dance and play some games in the rain. After a cookie making activity, students enjoyed dinner and then a performance from local Tai singers. Students got to try a complicated dance with bamboo sticks. The evening came to an end with cookies, songs, and stories around the fire.

The next day, after a safari-like ride through a road in Cat Tien National Park, students visited Dao Tien, a sanctuary run by EAST to protect and rehabilitate various primate species including the golden cheeked gibbon and pygmy loris. Students got to view gibbons who were working their way up the rehabilitation ladder in order to be returned to the wild.

Finally, after returning to the Longhouse and having their final meal together, students had a chance to try kayaking and then finished off with a swim in the property’s spring-fed lake.

It was an amazing and educational adventure, and one that we hope to make a tradition in coming years with our 4th grade at TAS. Please watch this page for additional professional photos of the trip.”