TAS Social Studies class will premiere a movie called “Letters to Shakespeare” next Monday and Tuesday at 11:10 AM. This short film is a passionate and creative class project of Mr. Dustin Robert’s students. Here is the movie poster:
“Letters to Shakespeare” follows William Shakespeare, the father of modern English, who suddenly falls into a swamp which mysteriously messes up his timeline, bringing him to Generation Z on a packed boulevard in Saigon. In his confusion and curiosity, he joins a school teacher who happens to be teaching his class about the man himself. From there spawns an adventure of existentialism and the intrigue that goes with it. But, who will solve this puzzle? The subsequent chain of events will absolutely be different from what you may have originally thought!

Dither, thrill, going alongside with unprecedented epiphanies will totally change your perception of Shakespeare’s works.

The film is premiering on June 10 and 11 in Mr. Dustin’s room (B3. 201)! It will absolutely blow your mind!

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the movie’s epic trailer: