Loserville – School Musical

It’s 1971. Michael Dork may be a computer geek but he’s about to invent something that could change the world. He’s also discovered girls: a prospect (almost) as exciting as his love of binary, if only he had the courage to talk to her.

Perhaps things haven’t changed that much after all!

Holly is the girl: she has brains and looks and is determined to be the first woman in space but will she want Michael?

Michael and his sci-fi obsessed, social-misfit friends, Lucas, Francis, and Marvin are all set to change the course of history, fashion and dating – in no particular order, but just as soon as possible, especially the dating bit.

Eddie wants a fast ride to the top and doesn’t care who gets trampled along the way. Leia just wants Eddie. Or Eddie’s babies – well, she thinks she does.

Loserville, the smash-hit, musical from London’s West End, takes geek to a whole new rock-pop level. Nominated for an Olivier Award for Best New Musical in 2013 and many more accolades, Loserville is based on the groundbreaking album, “Welcome to Loserville,” from the band, Son of Dork.