TAS Grade 4 Experiences a Day at the Movies

The American School (TAS) grade 4 students learned that a cinema is about more than just showing movies, it is about creating an experience on January 21, 2016.  From the bare-brick walls to the carefully planned lighting, the building itself is a testimony to how important it is to care for the aesthetics (one of our ESLRs) of our lives.  As part of the CGV cultural outreach program, the students learned how to appreciate the media industry by selling tickets and popcorn to the growing Vietnamese middle-class population, which is the target population of the cinema at this location.  This character development continued as they were encouraged to share the “combo,” which is a large popcorn and a soda, with their friends.  Grade 4 generally enjoyed the experience and eagerly inspected their new light-up CGV Cinemas Tet lamps that were given to them from the CGV team as gifts.  Interestingly, several of the students had not heard of Charlie Brown or of Snoopy, but while they had to leave before the movie ended, learned how courage is a virtue and that it really exists along with fear.  You cannot have or know courage without fear.  It was a timeless lesson for the students and the teachers were glad they could learn it at CGV Cinema at Thao Dien Pearl.