TAS, a library for everybody

This year, TAS Library is better than ever!

Your usual library space is steadily evolving to become a Media Center, a learning space with lots of opportunities for sharing experiences, ideas and knowledge!  Under a new administration and a wonderful staff, you’ll find TAS library to be a welcoming and vibrant space for all TAS community!

Our mission: To create an ideal space for sharing ideas and information, and to assist all TAS community in their informational needs.

To achieve this, all the library staff is devoted to creating activities to promote reading activities, inviting all TAS families and community to the wonderful act of reading and creation. Successful programs such as the National Novel Writing Month, the new Free Book section, Date with a Blind Book promotion,  Student Librarian of the Month promotion; and afterschool activities like The Board Game Club have been occurring in both MSHS Library and ES Library,  boosting circulation and generating a better connection with teachers and students alike.

Library circulation rules have become simpler too:

  • G1 and G2 students can check out one book per library visit, and can keep them as long as one week, with recheck privileges as long as they return the book on time.
  • G3 to G5 can check out 2 books per library visit, and can keep them as long as one week, with recheck privileges as long as they return the book on time.
  • All students are constantly encouraged to check out books that are appropriate to their maturity and reading level.
  • G6 – G12 can check out 3 recreational books (this is, not in their normal curricular check out) at a time, and can keep them for a set time depending on the book (novels will have a longer time).
  • Parents are allowed – and invited – to check out books for their students, or for their own pleasure, at their own leisure. All parents are allowed 2 books at a time, and will have different time depending on the checked out material. The only thing a parent need to check out a book is registering in any of both libraries providing name, phone number and a valid email. After that, they will receive a patron number that can be used to check out books in any of the libraries.
  • All Patrons, students and parents, must follow library instructions on how to take care of books and library spaces.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to check out a book from your library! If is not for you, check out a book to read to your child. Reading aloud is important, and has been proven to be a great stimulant in developing the intellect and curiosity of your developing child. As RIG organization says “Although the life of a parent is often hectic, you should try to read with your child at least once a day at a regularly scheduled time. But don’t be discouraged if you skip a day or don’t always keep to your schedule. Just read to your child as often as you possibly can.

Taking the time to read with your children on a regular basis sends an important message: Reading is worthwhile.”

Take a trip to your library, all the librarians: Ms. Van, Mr. Dung, Ms. Thu and Mr. Panda will be there to help you choose a book just right for you!