TAS Parents are welcomed at annual open house 2017 – 2018

Last week, on August. 24, 2017, The American School (TAS) was happy to welcome parents to the Open House – a first meeting between parents and teachers.

From 2:45pm, parents came to school to pick up their children and stayed to participate in the event. Parents visited each classroom to meet and talk with teachers about schedules and the specific curriculum of each subject. In the bustling atmosphere of a new school year, many parents of students, from nursery to high school, wanted to spend time discussing their child’s individual learning needs.

While parents were meeting with teachers, the students enjoyed a tea break with cakes and fruit and socialized with their friends. Then, parents and students of Middle and High School students attended a presentation by Ms. Karen Jacobi – guidance counselor of TAS. Ms. Karen shared information about college and university applications. Through her talk, parents and students got more information about important exams, steps to prepare for studying abroad, and the application process.

We hope that after this Open House, parents and teachers of TAS will work closely in educating students as well as helping them to achieve their goals in the future.